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The Xiaomi Pad 5 is a long-awaited successor. It's been on the market for just over half a year, during which time it has shown that Xiaomi has put together a very good value for money tablet. The tablet currently runs MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11.

The first news that the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 would run Windows 11 came out last autumn. The fact that the tablet is listed in Geekbench's database isn't that strange, it's more so that the system it runs is Windows 11 for ARM.

Unfortunately, we are not talking about an official development, so in answer to the title, certainly not in the near future. A developer has already managed to launch Windows 11 ARM on the Xiaomi Pad 5 running Android in November 2021. Another developer used up the previous project and made some improvements to make it run better. Although some bugs still need to be fixed, it didn't stop him from running Geekbench on the tablet.

The tablet running Win11 ARM64 scored 465 and 1 992 points in the single- and multi-core tests. This is well below the tablet's original scores of around 780 and 2800 but remember that this is still in the experimental phase.

The developer on Weibo is @PaluRookie is listening for the username. He said that there is still a problem with the PEPs (Platform Extension Plug-ins) at the moment. The GPU is also not working perfectly because the driver is missing for the moment.

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