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MIUI is not just an interface. MIUI is a complete system built on the foundations of Android. The Chinese version has none of the basic Android system, just the background services, but not much of that either. In the EEA version, which is also known in our country, there are fewer applications of its own, but the MIUI Calculator is worth mentioning.

MIUI Számológép az Eszközök mappában

You can find the MIUI Calculator, regardless of the system, in the Tools folder. Here you'll also find many useful things like Compass, Voice Recorder, Screen Recorder, Scanner (which is worth another post), etc.


The calculator has two main interfaces, the simple and the scientific. You can switch between them using the interface icon in the bottom left corner. I hope this is not too much to go into. In the simple interface you can do the basic operations, while in the scientific interface you can also do some scientific calculations.

You can also use the MIUI Calculator in a window by tapping the double arrow icon in the top left corner. You can drag the window anywhere, it will always be the top one, so you can use it on top of other apps. But if you're blocking out a lot, tapping on the drop icon at the top of the window will bring up a slider to adjust the opacity.

Switch to

Átváltó menü

There are three icons in the top row. Calculator, Converter, Finance. Calculator is above and, unbelievably, the converter is for conversion. To be more precise, it can be used to switch between these:

  • Territory
  • Data
  • Length
  • Mass
  • Numbering system
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Volume

But there are other things that are not really conversions, but interesting, such as:


Here we enter the date of birth, the current date or whatever date and it calculates how much time has passed since then. Year, month, day, hour, minute and even tells you when your next birthday is. And with the buttons below you can enter it into your calendar or share it anywhere.


The BMI calculator, which helps you calculate your body mass index, can tell you how your weight relates to your height. Unfortunately, you can't enter anything other than your gender, age, etc., so you only get an approximate value. This value can be shared anywhere using the big share button.


Like Age, you can see the number of years, months and days between two dates. And the Sender and Recipient captions reflect the work the Chinese have taken from us and started translating MIUI with Guglibachi.


Calculating the discount is not that difficult if it is 10%, but if it is not a round number, it can be a bit tricky. Although in such cases, all shops will indicate the original price and the price less the discount, with the discount rate. But if you want to check, you can do so here.


Pénzügy menü

The MIUI Calculator can also be a great help in our finances, allowing us to exchange currencies, track investments and loans.


Currency, or Currency converter. As the name suggests, you can instantly change between different currencies, and between three at once. For me, this comes in handy when I need to switch between dollars, yuan and forints for articles or live broadcasts. To switch, the app takes data from Webull's platform, an electronic trading platform created in 2017. It calculates everything based on the current mid-market exchange rate, so we can roughly convert the price of TomTop's specials into forints.


With the Investment Calculator, you can calculate how much money you can get for a certain amount of money, interest rate and maturity. It's a simple calculation, but at least it gives us the data in a nice design.


The Loan Calculator is a bit more interesting, although it's no more accurate than the banks' calculations, but if you take out a simple fixed-rate loan, you can work out how much you've paid, how much you have left to pay and how much you'll pay back to the bank in total. All the data can be tracked on the Statistics page, either on a monthly or annual basis.

That's it for the MIUI Calculator tutorial, we hope we've provided some useful information. If you would like a more in-depth tutorial on any other MIUI app, please comment below On our Facebook page, On our Twitter page and Server Discord.

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