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Most users will have no need to open the bootloader or use ROOT functions. Bootloader opening may be necessary in many cases. If you want to revert back to MIUI version or you are fed up with the Global rom being buggy and want to replace it with a better one.


Opening the Bootloader isn't all fun and games, it's also dangerous. If you get your phone stolen or abandoned, you can access everything and install a new rom to use it. But with a closed Bootloader, they can't do anything with it. But an open bootloader is a good solution in other cases, even for banking apps (or other service providers). Even if the bank app has problems with being rooted or custom rom on the phone, you don't need to revert to factory and lock it back. The solution is Magisk and a great feature of Magisk Hide.

Magisk is a ROOT device without a system. This basically means that you can modify your phone's system without modifying the underlying code. Developed by Topjohnwu, Magisk was launched in 2016 and has been expanding its horizons every year since. Magisk Root is a boon, especially when it comes to running financial apps.

Previously, there were different files for Magisk where you had to download the .zip file and then the application, which was a time-consuming process. Now, with the Magisk App, you can easily install Magisk by renaming the .apk file to .zip. If you want to uninstall the Magisk app, you just need to rename the app to uninstall.zip and that's pretty much it.

Installing Magisk

You don't need any permission or special preparation to install Magisk Manager, it's just an app. But for ROOT and other functions, an open Bootloader and TWRP are essential. The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Download. and install the Magisk Manager application (Magisk-v23.0.apk)
  2. Rename the downloaded Magisk Manager apk file to zip extension (Magisk-v23.0.zip)
  3. Restart your phone in TWRP (Snap + Volume Up)
  4. Locate the renamed Magisk-v23.0.zip file and install it
  5. And there you go, Magisk installed

Magisk Hide

With Magisk Hide, you can actually hide your ROOT from gaming apps like Pokemon Go, as well as all financial apps, including banking apps. To make sure you take full advantage of Magisk Hide, it's vital that you activate it. Here's the process:

  1. To access it, open the Magisk Manager application and click on the Menu button
  2. Click on settings
  3. Then scroll down and enable the Magisk Hide option
  4. Kattints ismét a Menü gombra, ekkor megjelenik a „Magisk Hide” opció. Kattints erre
  5. Now you need to select the application that you want to hide ROOT from, so scroll down and find the application.
  6. Now you can run the app without any problems

Magisk Manager is without doubt a must-have application. It offers a one-stop solution for all ROOT-related problems that usually arise later, after the device has been rooted. We hope you now understand what Magisk is, what Magisk Manager is and what Magisk Hide is for. Although it may take a while to get the hang of it, it's totally worth the effort.

Attention! Magisk offers a lot more features with a lot of add-ons. Try them out at your own risk, because you could easily brick your phone. We cannot be held responsible for any malfunction resulting from the failure of the above operation! Everyone should perform ROOT-reading only and exclusively at their own risk!

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