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The Xiaomi 13T family presentation nagy hangsúlyt fektettek a kamera rendszerre, annak fejlettségére és sokoldalúságára. A DXOMARK „gyászos” eredménye ellenére az egyik legjobb felső-középkategóriás telefonnak, konkrétan bronzérmesnek kiáltotta ki!

Xiaomi 13T DXOMARK: megmérettetett

Xiaomi 13T camera

Main camera specifications:

  • Primary: 50 MP 1/1.49-inch sensor, 1.0 µm pixel, 23 mm f/1.8 aperture lens, PDAF, OIS
  • Ultra-wide: 12 MP 1/3.06-inch sensor, 1.12 µm pixel, 15 mm equivalent f/2.2 aperture lens, 120˚ field of view
  • Telephoto: 10 MP 1/3.75-inch sensor, 1.0 µm pixel, 75 mm equivalent f/2.0 aperture lens, PDAF, OIS, 3.2x optical zoom

Xiaomi 13T DXOMARK: megmérettetett

DXOMARK is the Xiaomi 13T phone, ranked 61st in the global list for rear camera setup and 9th in the premium category. Xiaomi didn't set out to make the phone one of the best in the world for photography. 13T an upper-medium phone, not the best, but not the worst. The test reflects exactly that, which is more like keeping the price/value ratio right and may be a better choice for conscious buyers.


Xiaomi 13T DXOMARK: megmérettetett

„A Xiaomi 13T performed well in its class in the DXOMARK camera test, but our experts identified a number of issues that prevented it from being ranked among the best in its class. These included colour aberration, slightly unnatural skin tone reproduction, vignetting and contrast problems in backlit scenes. That said, the unit offered good exposure, a fairly wide dynamic range and a reasonably good compromise between texture retention and noise reduction, especially in bright light and typical indoor conditions.

In video mode, Xiaomi showed good results, but also left some room for improvement. Unlike its predecessor, the 13T It records videos in HDR mode and offers a wide dynamic range in most conditions. In addition, the level of detail recorded was quite high compared to other devices in the premium segment. Accurate white balance in bright light and effective video stabilisation make the 13T a good choice for capturing panning shots of landscapes. However, our testers also observed exposure pacing and highlight limitation when recording high contrast scenes in varying lighting conditions. When shooting in low-light conditions, colour aberration was noted, testers observed some autofocus instability, and while stabilisation was effective overall, differences in sharpness between frames were often noticeable when capturing scenes with movement." - DXOMARK

DXOMARK test pro / con


  • Good for capturing action shots, such as sports scenes
  • Good colour rendering screen in most lighting conditions tested
  • Smooth screen interaction in all tested use cases


  • Struggling to capture colourful scenes
  • The screen is not bright enough in sunlight
  • Visible aliasing on the screen when playing video games
  • Frame differences when watching videos and playing video games

DXOMARK Xiaomi ranking

The DXOMARK list is very similar to the AnTuTu list, but ranked by performance. Today's best phones are just a few points ahead of each other and there's not that much difference. Because of this Xiaomi 13T its camera capabilities are not diminished, especially as this results in third place in the mid-range, so I can safely say that this phone is well worth the price.With a price tag of 239.990 HUF, you are not only getting a phone with good photography capabilities, but also the best value for money phone in the top category!

> If you are interested in the phone, you can buy it here! <

My personal experience of the HX Facebook group I keep sharing, photography, battery, performance, I have a good starting point for everything. So far, I'm not disappointed with the phone, the pictures are really incredible, the performance is superb, the battery is totally satisfactory. I'll be back with a big recap and test results later this week! In the meantime join the groupto receive daily updates on news, tests, results and reviews!

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