Everybody can become a pilot with the Xiaomi Mitu mini drone

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Drones have become fashionable. They are more and more popular but not everybody can afford to spend several hundreds euros on half-profi models to be able to use them once a month. The manufacturer is loyal to quality and the best technology in the same way as big companies such as DJI to the Tello, the “game” distributed by them. However, do not let us mislead the expression ‘game’ because this little drone is equipped with several professional functions.

We have to keep pace since Xiaomi only has the MiDrone about which we know that it is heavy to carry when going hiking. They reacted soon, a product like this is also good in the product line. Although we reported about Xiaomi’s intention of GoPro’s acquisition  last week but this action will probably not lead to competition with DJI this year.

The recently launched drone weighs 88 gramms, and its size is 11×11 cm, due to which it can be easily put into a backpack. Its weight should not be misleading because the small quadrocopter flies steadily, when designed this important factor was taken into consideration!The Xiaomi Mitu minidrone was made of plastic PP so it tolerates falls better. Its propellers are made of airfoil and have an aerodynamic design.

Its price is only 399 juan  about 52 euros, but in spite of its low price it is powered by a 1.2 GHz 4-core processor so as to be able to process data and the different integrated sensors all contribute to the drone’s safe flight. In order to use the data that we send to it it  uses the high frequency 5.0 GHz and the remote control and the distance can be as many as 50 m. It can transmit photos in real-time during flight as far as from max 25 m.

FPV videos are made in HD format (720p) and pictures with 1600 X 1200 resolution and 4GB internal storage is available. The integrated camera is not contrallable, fixed design as well as in case of devices of this price category. The battery can be removed from the body and with its 920 mAh capacity is able to fly as long as 10 minutes. (Hopefully, the batteries will be available only for a couple of dollars – The editor. )

Among functions we can find headless mode, at takeoff we can also use our hands. It is also equipped with gravitation sensor and gliding ability! There is an app for smartphones with which we can play a kind of virtual game. The minidrone is placed in a 3D scene where we can fight in the air. It is available in official Xiaomi webshops and in different subsidiaries from 26 April. As soon as we have further information, flight information and get to know other specifications, we will let you know! When we have more pictures, we will update the article. We have managed to collect the following pictures of the mini Mitu drone so far.

We are doing our best to get a test product so that we can give you more precise information!


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