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Xiaomi unveiled a number of new products before 11 November. We try to be the first to report all the news in Hungarian, so that you can always be up to date with the latest Xiaomi products. In addition to phones, you will soon be able to find all the tech for your home, clothing, toiletries and other gadgets from Xiaomi and its partners. Follow us regularly and we'll change your life!

Our latest product is a new Yeelight lamp, which has not been offered by this manufacturer before. The exact name Xiaomi MiJia Yeelight minimalist metal table lamp. It's hard to understand Xiaomi's strategy, because this model doesn't offer anything special at first. Indeed, it's not smart! No Wifi or Bluetooth connection. But here's a cool lamp, simplified to the extreme, and not ugly even for a young age group. I can't fault it either.
Let's see what the "iron lamp" can do.

Xiaomi MiJiaYeelight cast iron lamp:

Yeelight has never done this. All of the brand's lights have Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity so they can be connected and used remotely. With the Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight, this series is over, you're left with a manual ON/OFF switch and you're done. The lamp has a wrought iron frame with a successful and modern design. The construction is heavy (1.85kg), as the plan was to create a sturdy lamp that cannot be knocked over with a single blow. Its wide base provides good stability. It can be easily integrated into any corner of a modern home. The socket is a standard E27 type, so changing the bulb is cheap and easy. It is recommended to use warm light bulbs because they are more pleasant to the eyes.

Xiaomi is offering the lamp as a replacement for its own Yeelight Smart LED bulb, because many people prefer simplicity, not control via an app. It's your choice which direction you like. It's definitely a plus that they include a bulb with the lamp, so you can use it right out of the box.

Key features:
● Minimalist design and concept, unique style
● 44cm lighting height design to suit the human body, providing an ideal lighting area
● E27 universal socket, free to choose any bulb according to your taste
● Easy to use, just plug in with a high quality two-pole connector
● The metallic paint layer is rust and abrasion resistant
● Supplied with E27 warm white light bulb

Brand:Xiaomi MiJia
Type:(desk) lamp
Features:decorative, minimalist design
Voltage (V):AC220
Light source colour:warm white
Bulb socket type:E27
Overall height (cm):53
Total length (cm):27
Style:creative, modern
Material:cast iron
Switch type:Be-Ki rocker switch
Food supply:AC
Colour temperature:2800-3500K
Weight of the product:1.85kg
product dimensions (W x D x H):27x23x53cm
Contents of the package:1 lamp, 1 bulb

Not a cheap product, but the usual quality is guaranteed. Geekbuying currently has it on sale for $30.99, GearBest has it in black and white for over $40.

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