[PLETYKA] Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (LEX) coming on 15 October 2018?

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There are almost no new rumors about the upcoming new Mix phone, we know it will have a sliding back cover, hiding the front sensors and cameras, a fingerprint reader hidden under the screen, dual rear cameras, etc. But only a few hours ago this poster was released on Weibo.

Never mind quality, in the 21st century, no good quality photo or picture comes out of anything. It's as if we were still shooting Jeti with a 0.8MP camera and 15x digital zoom. Although it is claimed to be fake on Weibo 90%, as Xiaomi doesn't release even poor quality graphics like this. On the contrary, the date is said to be real. We will soon find out!

You may well ask what the LEX in the title means. Well. An interesting rumour about a new series of sliding Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi LEX will be a family that may come with such innovations in the future. This is somewhat supported by the plans below:

Plans for two foldable devices have been submitted to the Chinese Patent Office, one is the Mi Mix 3 and another is rumoured to be the Xiaomi LEX. The LEX would be the cheaper version of this, as the Mi Mix 3 will be one of the most expensive devices Xiaomi will offer.

The Mi Mix 3 is also expected to be at the top of the RAM/ROM range, with a choice of 6GB or 8GB of memory and 64/128/256GB (rumoured up to 512GB) of storage. It's still speculation, but the rear camera pair will be 20/20MP, while the front will have either a 20 or possibly 24MP selfie camera. Its 4,000 mAh battery can be charged lightning fast with QC4.0 technology and you might not even need a cable. A dedicated AI button may not be part of the Mix 3, but will be given to the LEX, which again will be a Chinese domestic phone.

The software is quite questionable. I mean the Android base. Android 8.1.0 is expected to be the first MIUI 10 Stable base, but it's expected to be updated to 9 later this year. Don't be right though and it will be a pie little phone straight away.

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