Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – Because Size Is Important

- Hirdetés -

Big. Gooood fine big. I would shortly describe the biggest member of Xiaomi Mi series. I could say more but I don’t write it down, in the video above I have discussed it in details. On the contrary, I didn’t report about its camera and it is worth mentioning as with the big-size display we get quite a good AI dual camera. I provide you with some test images and videos.

Daytime in natural light as usual we can take fantastic photos. But in case of a mobile camera it is always poor light which dominates as only very little light gets through such small optical lens and aperture and the photo will be noisy. This one is no exception, let’s see what it does under poor lighting environment.

Well, yes. Artificial intelligence gives its best shot and it helps to recognise the topic of the photo and adjust the camera accordingly. But it also has a limit under which without a flash it is not able to correct the photo. Panoramic pictures shouldn’t be taken at night, they won’t be good quality.

The video hasn’t convinced me, either but we cannot complain and we cannot expect studio quality.

All the other is history!

Have fun!

- Hirdetés -