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Xiaomi Mi Box S – Unboxing (Gearvita)

Is a new period in Mi Box timeline going to start or a Mi Box 3 or are we facing a “sorry, we bollocked it up, we are making a better one” improved verdsion? Tests will reveal the truth but until that time we can have a look at inside Mi Box S.

We do not get many new things, only the ususal ones. The new Mi Box, users’ manual in several languages, other papers, HDMI cable, charging adapter and a new remote controller.

The Mi Box S is actually the global version of Mi Box 4. Concerning its features, it sports 2GB RAM with 8 GB ROM, which is not meant to be too much unless we put everything on an external hard drive as it can be expanded only with a pendrive or an external hard drive. In this way, as in case of our phone, it can be used for storing our media contents. It supports Google Assistant instead of the common Xiao AI and Netflix and Live apps.

However, we should not go so far, first, let’s see what the box contains and at the weekend you can also watch the test to see if the new box is better than the former one and it is worth changing or not.

Have fun!

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Szabó Kornél
Szabó Kornél
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