The latest generation of the Xiaomi smart bracelets, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 arrived at last. We have been waiting for this since Blackshark as it was the first time we saw Lei Jun wearing it.  Since then we have got to know lots of new infos about it, the innovations compared to its predecessor.

What is the difference between the two? Is it worth changing it?

Mi is a különbség a kettő között? Érdemes váltani?

Mi Band 2 Mi Band 3
Battery capacity 70 mAh 110 mAh
Display size 0.42″ OLED 0.78″ PMOLED
Resolution 72 x 40 pixel 128 x 80 pixel
Connectivity BT 4.0 BT 4.2
Waterproof IP67 5ATM
Touch type Button Touchscreen

It is always worth changing a newer, better device but is it worth the double price? I think, yes. Better display, more features, higher performance battery (but longer battery life cannot be taken for sure). True, it doesn’t include the English language but we don’t have to wait long until it does and we hope that the story will not end and the Hungarian language may as well be included.

Have fun!

We got the Mi Band 3 from Gearbest, thank you for the chance! If you want to purchase it, you can do it here.