Mi Pad 4 – Appeared Officially With Images And Cheaper Price Tag

- Hirdetés -

Xiaomi’s marketing people were a bit over-eager, they released the Mi Pad photos and its expected Chinese launch price on the official website ahead of time. A sharp-eyed reader noticed it and saved a photo and the prices quickly.

The specifications on the official website show the 8″ screen size and 3GB and 4GB RAM versions. There is no 6GB RAM version as we also mentioned it earlier. Both models will be available in WiFi and LTE variant.

The 4GB RAM model has 64GB inbuilt storage, the 3GB will probably have 32GB storage capacity but it is not mentioned.

The screenshot shows the 4GB WiFi model which is priced 1,399 yuan (~ 215 USD) which means about 83,990 HUF in Hungarian terms, some thousand cheaper than we read it in earlier news (~ 230 USD). Accordingly, the 3 GB Wi-Fi model is expected to cost 1,199 ¥ (~ 184 USD), or ¥ 1,299 (~ 199 dollár), that is 71,990 or 77,490 Hungarian Forint. Of course these are only entry (starting) prices so the prices of well-known webshops can even change. These prices given in yuan don’t include their profit, either.

According to our information, Mi Pad 4 will be first available in Black and Gold colours after its release on 25 June.

Xiaomi confirmed that  Mi Pad 4 will feature a display of 16:10 ratio, Snapdragon 660 processor, AI facial unlock and a battery of 6000 mAh.

How do YOU like it? 🙂

- Hirdetés -