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Xiaomi TV held this year’s strategic conference in China on 28 August. True, we couldn’t see a new product or a new service at the event, the conference was mainly about the situation of TV industry and Xiaomi’s place in it.

The head of Mi TV, Wang Chuan reported about statistics and not surprisingly, the Chinese sales volume of the Xiaomi smart TV brand was outstanding. They achieved the best sales volume in the second quarter, due to which Xiaomi became the best-selling TV brand in the country.

It is still not the end of the story, it is going to enter soon the next market in India. It was six months ago when they started to sell Xiaomi TVs in India and since then demand for them has been rapidly growing. As the rule of phones will affect the whole Xiaomi eco-system and of course, domestic factories also pull strings, not surprisingly, they can expect another sales wave in the country. Recent numbers (500,000), however, cannot be said too high but promising.

We hope that they won’t stop here and they are increasing their market share, Europe would be really in need of Xiaomi smart TVs expansion. Especially that they keep their words not only in case of phones but in case of all products as they sell them with 5% profit. The prices really differ from country to country  because of taxes and it is especially true for our country. Although it is not yet available in the Mi Store, we hope that in the future we don’t only have to prove based on photos that it is worth taking a risk and buying it and we order it.

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