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It's no longer just about conquering Eastern Europe, Xiaomi is coming soon to fans further west. But we have already written about the official Spanish launch, only there was no date at that time. Wang Xiang posted the great news on Twitter that the Xiaomi Western Market will open in Madrid on 7 November.

Looking at the poster, the most striking thing is that it does not advertise a phone, but the Xiaomi Ninebot, which suggests that it will not only offer its telecom devices to the Spanish, but also several Xiaomi products that can be marketed in Europe (or only in that country). The full portfolio is not yet known, but from this we can expect a good number of other devices from the company, as it is slowly but surely globalising products that have so far only been available in China. But we will deal with that in another article.

There are still two weeks to go to find out what product range will be used to rattle the Western countries. Spain is the first stop in the West and they won't stop there. Then France, the Netherlands, England, Belgium and other countries. They'll go everywhere, but slowly.

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