Xiaomi Education - "Story in Sight"

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Xiaomi has launched its "Story in Sight" project in collaboration with the highly acclaimed Leica Akademie Instructor professional community and renowned photojournalist Giuseppe Nucci. The initiative would offer professional workshops to students interested in photography, introducing them to visual storytelling techniques.

Xiaomi Education - "Story in Sight"

The "Story in Sight" project is part of Xiaomi's extensive training programme, Xiaomi Education. This programme demonstrates Xiaomi's commitment to providing young people around the world with the inspiration and technological tools to unleash their creativity.

What makes "Story in Sight" so special is that participants can learn from the legendary photographer Giuseppe Nucci himself. He has travelled almost all over the world in his career. His anthropological approach to landscape and portrait photography always tells human stories - this is what makes his work unique and has made Nucci a world-renowned photographer. In recent years, his photographs have appeared in many widely read publications, including National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian and Wired. In 2018, he won the Picture of the Year award, one of the photography profession's highest honours. Since 2017, Giuseppe Nucci has been giving training courses around the world. In 2022, he was awarded the Leica Akademie Instructor title, which recognises his skills not only as a photojournalist but also as an instructor.

"It is a great honour for me to lead the "Xiaomi Education - Story in Sight" workshops," said Giuseppe Nucci. "I see it as an exciting challenge to introduce my university student students to the workshop secrets of photographic storytelling. It is my sincere intention to pass on my experience as a photographer to the students. I want to encourage them to find their own perspective to tell their stories through their photographs."

The University of Barcelona becomes the first institutional partner of the Story in Sight project. Founded in 1450, the University is one of Europe's most historic and renowned higher education institutions, known not only for its high quality of teaching but also for its regular support for research and development and social responsibility projects. The workshops will take place this November as part of the University of Barcelona's winter semester. The training will be open to students from the Faculty of Philology and Visual Communication, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media.

Dr Javier Orduña, Vice-Rector for External Relations, Coordinator for Relations with Chinese Universities, Professor at the Faculty of Philology and Communication of the University of Barcelona, expressed his expectations for the project: 'We are eagerly awaiting the launch of Story in Sight in Barcelona. The collaboration with Xiaomi and photojournalist Giuseppe Nucci offers our students an excellent opportunity to develop their storytelling skills through photography. We are confident that by learning from an experienced professional like Giuseppe, our students will be able to enrich their university studies with practical knowledge and photographic techniques."

Through this collaboration, the Xiaomi Education - Story in Sight project will contribute to the development of a new generation of photographers who will learn the art of storytelling from an experienced and highly skilled professional like photojournalist Giuseppe Nucci.

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