Xiaomi 12 + Watch S1 + Gift box = Brutally good price

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I am going to show you one of the rare cases! Xiaomi has repeatedly offered bundles at a better price than if you buy the products separately. But this time it's even more special, not only will you get two great Xiaomi products at a brutally good price, but you'll also get an extra gift bundle FREE!


Xiaomi 12 Gift Box

The latest bundle offers from Xiaomi are very attractive. It includes only the best and comes with a gift that can come in handy anytime in every day life. The contents of the bundle are as follows:

  • Xiaomi 12 8/128 GB phone
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 smartwatch
  • Vitamer grinder + Smoothie maker
  • Free display replacement for 6 months

The total package price does not reflect the value of the package. The phone and the watch are already more expensive than the package and there are two special Xiaomi 12 Series edition kitchen utensil. This package has nearly 450.000 Ft is the value of, but now you can get it at a much better price!

The package price is now only 339.990 Ft!!!

Let's take stock of what costs what. The Xiaomi 12 8/128 GB is now officially on sale for 339.990 Ft, the Xiaomi Watch S1 watch is 84.990 Ft and I found the grinder and smoothie maker for around 30.000 Ft. That adds up to 454.980 Ft! That's a real discount, not some mumbo jumbo! So if you're thinking about getting a Xiaomi 12 phone, you can't miss this! For the price of a phone, you get the best Xiaomi smartwatch and two cool kitchen appliances FREE!!! THIS IS A BRUTALLY GOOD PRICE!!!

Xiaomi 12X Gift Box

But it's not just this one phone bundle that's worth it now, although it's the best, but Xiaomi has also come up with a very good offer for the Pro and X versions. Here's another example.

As in the previous package offer, here too for the price of the phone we get a bunch of free gifts! But here we don't get Xiaomi Watch S1, but Xiaomi Buds 3 Bluetooth earpiece for the Vitamer blender and smoothie maker. The Xiaomi 12X 8/128 phone is available from 259.990 Ft and maybe I'm not saying anything new with it, the package costs the same!

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