The Mi6 Plus is coming on 11 July 2017!

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It's hot. Very. The wind is not blowing and it's raining, so it's even muggy. But despite this, we have some good news for our fans!

The first half of the year was great for Xiaomi, with the announcement of the white ceramic version of the Mix at CES, the launch of the new Redmi 4 series upgraded versions, Redmi Note 4X and Redmi 4X and other versions, and then the highlight of the year, the Mi6, which is the best device of the year, but let's not forget the Mi Mix 2!

Xiaomi has more surprises in store for us for the second half of the year, with a new phone to be unveiled on Tuesday 11th July. A poster has been posted on the official Weibo channel of the Xiaomi Store, drawing attention to an important component , the memory, which is 6GB.

6GB = ?

Faster - Softer - More apps More efficient - More fun

This wouldn't be the first phone from Xiaomi to feature this much memory, with the Mi 5s Plus, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX and Mi 6 all coming with 6GB of RAM. So another top device is coming on Tuesday, we're looking forward to it!

But that's not all! After the poster came a very short video revealing several key details and now for the interesting stuff!

The video shows that it will get the latest Snapdragon 8XX processor (835), 4000 mAh battery, UFS file storage and DDR4 RAM, 3D glass body and a larger screen. It has a 22 MP camera with 4K video recording, enhanced beautification features. The video doesn't stop there, 4G+ and LTE support, USB-C connector with fast charging, IR remote and NFC support.

From these, it's clear that another top-of-the-range device is coming, and it's the Mi6 Plus! The larger screen and bigger battery suggest it. In addition, the 3D glass body is currently the prerogative and novelty of the M6, so we can expect the Mi6 Plus on Tuesday!!!

What do you think? Is the Mi6 Plus really coming, or another top phone of this quality?

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