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If you're under the obsessive spell of Anututu values, here's a little treat.

In the recently published top 10 AnTuTu results, the Xiaomi Mi 5 takes the top spot, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What makes the MI 5 stand out in its category is its strong performance.

source - AnTuTu

Xiaomi Mi 5 leads the Q1 2016 performance rankings with a score of 136,875 on AnTuTu. It is closely followed by the Galaxy S7/Edge with a score of 134599. The iPhone 6S (Plus) only came in third place.
Xiaomi Mi 5 thus proved the power of Android flagships and overtook the iPhone 6S (Plus).

The performance of the Xiaomi Mi 5 is largely thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which is the latest and fastest processor available.
You want a great UI (User Interface) with compelling features, don't you?

That's why the Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with a fully optimised MIUI 7 based on Android 6 Marshmallow, with a number of great add-ons.
As it's a flagship, it's got a high-quality camera with lots of new features in both hardware and software.

Mi 5's camera is equipped with 4-axis image stabilisation to make sure you get great pictures and videos, which is especially useful for night photography.
And these are just a few of the features that make Mi 5 stand out among smartphones.

Well then! We expect even more high quality and features from Xiaomi to keep this level up.

source: http://en.miui.com/thread-260285-1-1.html

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