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POCOPHONE by Xiaomi – Camera Review

POCO F1’s camera is not a novelty, we have come across with the same in the Redmi Note 5 phone, more precisely in the version which enjoyed full AI support (Chinese version). POCO F1 also got this camera setup and software support. We have analysed the camera of Redmi Note 5 thoroughly with several test photos…

Dual camera setup on the back

  • Primary sensor: 12MP resolution, 1.4μm large pixel, an aperture of f/1.9, dual pixel autofocus
  • Secondary sensor: 5MP resolution, a pixel size of 1.12μm, f/2.0 aperture
  • Feature:
  • Portrait mode with blurring of the background
  • Dual pixel autofocus
  • Single-coloured flash
  • Low light correction
  • HDR shot
  • Panoramic mode
  • Continuous mode
  • Facial recognition
  • AI beauty
  • EIS for video recording
  • AI dust detection
  • AI scene recognition:
    25 object categories and 206 different scenes
  • India specific scenes AI optimalisation
  • The large pixel sensor is responsible for better quality pictures in poor lighting conditions, due to its large pixels it can collect more light and photos show less noise. For everything else there is the other sensor. In natural lighting conditions taking fantastic photos is basic almost every time.

    Its camera application is really diverse. However, it isn’t surprising as the same software can be found in many AI camera devices. Artificial intelligence can only be used in two modes: Photo and Square modes. In other modes it is only up to your smartness if you can take a good photo. It doesn’t cause a problem to smart camera users to take a well-focused and quality photo but many can’t acquire the tricks so they can use the software help.

    Main functions:

  • Short video: 10mp video recording
  • Video: the length of recording depends on storage
  • Photo: Taking photos with or without AI, Flash In/Out, HDR In/Automatic/Out, effects, timer, makett effect, vertical adjustment, group selfie and automatic beauty
  • Portrait: Background blurring, bokeh-effect
  • Square: Taking an accurate square-shaped photo
  • Panoramic: 180 degree panoramic photo
  • Manual: We can set them on our own White balance, Focus, Shutter Speed, ISO
  • Selfie camera
  • 20 MP sensor, an aperture of f/2.0, a pixel size of 0.9µm
  • Features:
  • AI portrait mode
  • 10 different scenes AI recognition
  • Selfie timer
  • Facial recognition
  • Selfie camera can be used in any case, in Photo or Square mode.

    Unfortunately the system didn’t let a  20mp photo upload so we dumbed down to 12mp but it took a really good photo not only in natural lighting conditions but at night as well. The first photo was taken in natural light, then in dark lighting conditions. The third with automatic lighting, the last with ‘flash’. Since POCO F1 has no flash on the front it creates a flash effect with the white flash of the screen.


    A bit of digital zoom fun. Making use of the large pixels of 12MP sensor with 8x digital zoom I was surprised pleasantly in the dark as I couldn’t make it out that somebody was sitting there with the naked eye 🙂

    There is no problem with half-light and night photos if there is enoug light. And the object isn’t exposed to direct light as AI cannot correct it to such extent to be right enough look the close photos with flowers. The ones which are illuminated are perfect (if the optical lens is clean).

    In really poor lighting environment without flash it doesn’t take a better image than any other members of the Mi series in the past…

    On the contrary, however, we have no complaints of the night video recording concerning its image quality but image processing is sometimes atrocious…

    However, these problems are due to the software not the hardware fortunately and these will be fixed in the future (like MIUI 10). In this way Poco F1 will not only be very fast but a value for money champion, not to mention its battery time (2 days, 7 hours SOT).

    Those who are interested in the phone and still have doubts, go to Mi Store in Lurdy Shopping Centre and try it and don’t listen to the negative opinions surfacing the net. Get own experience and form your own opinion!

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Szabó Kornél
Szabó Kornél
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