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Exactly within a week we will know everything about Mi 6X. Some days ago the first official press photos, teaser videos came to light  and now the Xiaomi’s brand ambassador, Kris Wu shared some information (of course, in his mother tongue). These photos show that the camera is in the centre of interest with its artificial intelligence characteristic (AI).

Kris also presented Mi Note 3 last year which is interesting as the Mi 6X will feature the same Snapdragon 660 SoC as the phablet nicknamed “Mi 6 Plus Lite” last year. The piquancy of the Mi Note 3 is that it got Mi 6 camera features but with better algorithm so in its DXO test finished in a distinguished position surpassing SONY,  HTC, or even Apple’s several heavy duty mobiles.

Well, SD660 is for sure, 4-6GB RAM or ROM is still a question. The display and the design have the same design as the Redmi Note 5 Chinese variant. We can also expect the Android 8.1 based MIUI 9.5 variant.  Mi 6X is made for sale primarily in China so it will be available there in the first wave.  Following Mi 6X with one or two weeks Mi A2 comes  out  ( Android One based Mi A1 successor) on an Indian presentation and it will be available for sale internationally.
Mi 6X  800 MHz-es 4G frekvencia támogatást (B20), a Mi A2 viszont igen. It can quite easily happen that Mi 6X get no 800 MHz 4 G frequency support (B20) but Mi A2 does.

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