Android Oreo For Xiaomi Mi 5s Has Not Been Successful

- Hirdetés -

Many thought that  MIUI 10 will bring us into the land of Canaan and everybody can enjoy Oreo but nobody has ever guaranteed. Especially not Xiaomi. However, hope dies last. This is also the case with Xiaomi Mi 5s series, which is really a good duo. Small, compact, hundred percent Xiaomi. The Mi 5s Plus with large display and dual-camera is also a wonder and both are powered by SD821 and will serve their owner for a long time.

Let’s go back to Android 8 Oreo. Since MIUI 10 is under development, they have been trying to push Android 8.0 base under MIUI system. Without success. The first problem occured with Mi 5s plus dual-rear camera module, they were unable to solve its operation, only one camera worked. When at last they got help from Qualcomm team, another problem arose.

Its fingerprint scanner wasn’t feasible. In neither of them! Since then Xiaomi R&D team have been working on it but up to now they have been not able to solve this and besides their great deal of work they don’t really have time for that. That’s why Xiaomi and Qualcomm recruited a special team to solve this problem as Mi 5s and Plus have become widespread in spite of the fact that it has no B20. However, its price, features and size will make it a number one for some more years besides many ‘monsters’ with notches.

When will we get Oreo, then? Experts have already realised that it has to receive a core feature rewrite and several modules have to be transformed so as fingerprint scanner can work and it’s sure that we will have to wait until November the first stable version to come out. It’s sad news but until then the Android 7.0 remains.

- Hirdetés -