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Xiaomi POCOPHONE Has Already Received FCC Certification

Yes, you are just looking with your frowned brow, what is it? We haven’t had any information so far but it seems to exist.

For the first sight, it looks quite strange with its too curved edges, but perhaps it also has fans who really like it as for example children. Its name sounds also not like the one of a flagship for adults, but its size is not really for children, 76 mm is quite wide, thicker than Mi 8 or Redmi 6 Pro. Dual-rear camera situated in the upper rear middle seems interesting but it is a sketch only so all the other features should be kept waiting until its TENAA appearance.

From the letter above, we also know the model number of the product and its FCC identification number and it will support for both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands, Bluetooth connectivitz. However, it is interesting that LTE Band 40 will be disabled via software as they don’t want to sell it in America. But perhaps it may have B20….(vain hope – editor)

While I was writing this article, I only had one thing in my mind in connection with this POCOPHONE- parents with small children will understand it – I kept thinking of Pocoyo, a 3D animated figure and his friends…

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Szabó Kornél
Szabó Kornél
2013 óta foglalkozok a Xiaomi termékeivel, először a MIUI rendszerrel ismerkedtem meg és teremtettem meg a rajongói bázist, a MIUI fórumon. 2017 óta írom a cikkeket a Hello Xiaomi hírportálra, ami mára, az ország legnagyobb Xiaomi márkával foglalkozó oldala lett.
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