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A little more than a month ago a brand new phone appeared on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform which stands out not with its huge display or fantastic camera features but on the contrary it doesn’t have neither of them. However, it sports a fair size display with the same size keyboard – for the young it seems to be a retro model – especially for elder generation.

This device focuses not on media content but possibilities and convenience provided by AI. It sports a 2.8″ display with a resolution of 240×320, with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The keyboard is touch sensitive but you don’t have to use it as in-built Xiao AI can do all tasks. It can obtain any data on the Internet, weather, stock exchange, news, recipes etc…. On top of that we can control phone functions, we can make or accept a call, dictate a text message, control music/radio and it can translate real-time in 17 languages.

Besides AI it has got some more extra functions such as an infrared sensor to control air conditioning, TV, TV Box, etc….We have not much info about connectivity but it includes 4G (no B20), WiFi can be used as hotspot and it has dual nano SIM. It is powered by a 1.3 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A53 processor paired with the  Mali T82 GPU. The device comes with 256MB of RAM along with 512MB of internal storage expandable via a microSD card to 32GB. Its battery isn’t so powerful but 1,480 mAh is enough.

The phone was available for an initial price of 199 Yuan (29$) on the crowdfunding page and this project was funded by more than 60,000 people during a month as a consequence mass production could start with the help of the 18 million Yuan (2.6 million $). Jingdong webshop started to sell it with a price tag of 369 Yuan (54$) and the device is available in Grey, White, Yellow and Red colour options.

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