KezdőlapNewsXiaomi Mi Router 4Q Quietly Introduced In China Priced At 4,500 HUF

Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q Quietly Introduced In China Priced At 4,500 HUF

About a month ago, the fourth generation of Xiaomi routers came out as Xiaomi Mi Router 4. It is true that we missed it (I do not understand how……editor.), but now we will quickly make it up and go on with the new version.

The Mi Router 4 is the most efficient with its WAN/LAN Gigabit port, 128MB memory as well as 128MB RAM. Double-band, 4,5GHz and 5GHz can also be found, two cores, with 880MHz MT7621A processor, 4 antennas, 802.11 b/g/n+ac support. WiFi theoretical maximum is 1167Mbps! MiNET button offers access to any device. It is good news that we will soon try it out with gigabit Internet access and we will come back with the test video!!!

Now comes its little brother. What are the differences, firstly the price, as the 4 is 199 yuan (8,590 HUF), the 4Q is 99 yuan (4,275 HUF)! Let’s see what we get for this price. A smaller 775MHz QCA9561 processor, 64MB memory and 16MB storage.

2.4GHz WiFi frequency, but at least with b/g/N, 3×3 MIMO technology, so its theoretical maximum is 460Mbps. WAN and LAN ports are 10/100.

However, it does not differ in terms of features, MiNET button remained, its software is the same OpenWRT with MiWifi app, or everything can be set on its own website (in the Chinese language). It is currently available only in a blue colour variant but it can come later in other colour variants as well.

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Szabó Kornél
Szabó Kornél
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