Xiaomi Launches 4 New Mi TV Modell Soon

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Our regular readers must have read several news about the Mi TV modells. We look forward to the Global version as well and I, personally had the chance to admire its forerunner, the Mi Laser Projector Global.

The company has achieved the first position in sales due to its opening up the market in India and starting new plants this year. What’s more, it has done all this in the biggest market in the world.

The Mi TVs with nice design and several features got an attractive pricing in Asia, the question is how they can enter the European market. Is it worth at all?

For us it would be good, OK, but as for commerce the manufacturer may not want to compete with the well-known brands under strict conditions and high fees. It can also be taken for granted that Korean manufacturers would not tolerate it as Xiaomi could cut them out of the European market.

Mi TVs are in abundance both in brand names and in display sizes.

Lei Jun’s company plans to present 4 new Mi TV modells, among others the 40-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4C, the 43-inch Mi TV 4X, the Mi TV 4S 65-inch version and the 65-inch Mi TV 4S PRO. Let’s see the specs of the new televisions:

The features of the new Xiaomi TVs:

  • The 40-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4C has a resolution of 1080p with four-core Cortex A53 processor, Mali-450 GPU, 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage for 1599 yuan (about 95,000 Ft with VAT and shipping)
  • The 43-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4X has a resolution of 1080p and it is powered by ARM Advanced multi-core processor 1.5 GHz clock speed,  1 GB RAM and  8 GB storage at the same price of 1599 yuan (about 95,000 Ft with VAT and shipping)
  • The 65-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4S has a 4K screen with 1.5 GHz quad-core Cortex A53 processor, Mali-450 750 MHz GPU, 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage. Its price is  4299 yuan (about 240,000 Ft with VAT and shipping)
  • The 65-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4S PRO with 4K screen and four-core Cortex A53 processor, Mali-450 750 MHz GPU, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage 4499 yuan (about 262,000 Ft with VAT and shipping)
  • All modells with Android base but with own PatchWall system and AI support will be available for sale.

  • Upcoming Xiaomi products in Q4

    All in all, we can expect a good lineup even in the case of Mi TVs. Black Shark is expected to arrive on 23 October (the Black Shark 2nd version),
    then the Mi MIX 3 and the Mi Note 4 will be coming on 25 October according to official announcements. Some sources speculate that we can get a 15.6-inch Mi Notebook but in this case we have no official information. Then lots of household devices have been launched in the past few days in the eco-system, or we could mention Mi Box S, which went on sale in the USA. When the Mi Home Global Kit or Mi TV Global will be available and if it contains CL+modul, it is a question, for the time being.


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