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Xiaomi Has About Enoug Of Global Phones Purchased In China

On MIUI English Forum, Administrator called DinaDuan made a short but concise announcement. I am quoting:

Dear Mi Fans,

Here’s something very important  before you flash or update the ROM.

  1. Xiaomi phones manufactured for Chinese market are not able to run MIUI Global ROM.
  2. Xiaomi phones manufactured for Global markets are not able to run MIUI China ROM.

We highly recommend you to buy Xiaomi Phones via official or authorized sales channels and double check the system information before flashing or updating.

Thank you for your understanding.


All in all if you order a phone from China which has Global rom, you won’t be able to flash it as it is locked. The same is true the other way round, if a Chinese person would like to get a phone manufactured for the global market, he won’t be able to flash a Chinese ROM. I don’t understand how it is….

The company would like to avoid the situation  that many people still order phones from China at a more favourable price instead of purchasing them in an official store or webstore. It will also stop the routine that Hungarina, non-official webstores order the Chinese versions before the launch of global phones and they simply flash global ROM on the devices. You will be able to buy a Hungarian language Xiaomi phone officially from now on. There will be no chance to change from china rom to global rom or vica versa. And neither will there in cases of new devices. Noone reacted to the short announcement but several hundreds of people demanded the exact announcement regarding the date and type of phones which will be involved.

Dating back or only from now on???? Nothing has turned out.

You shouldn’t jump in the Danube, you can simply do it with bootloader unlock of TWRP. It will be only and exclusively valid for bootloader locked devices.

It won’t be the case for custom ROMs as BL is unlocked and with TWRP you can load every rom. MIUIHU, xiaomi.eu and others will be available for the supported devices.


Szabó Kornél
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