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KezdőlapNewsXiaomi BlackShark Gamer phone has run out of stock in no time

Xiaomi BlackShark Gamer phone has run out of stock in no time

The official sale of the Xiaomi BlackShark Gamer phone was started at midnight Chinese time but only after some seconds the company was forced to announce that they have already run out of the device.

Yesterday it was announced that it has an incredible 1 million units of the phone registered, which they did not expect. It is no wonder that this top category phone, the BlackShark gamer with Xiaomi’s affordable price is attractive to all. After the sale began, the CEO was forced to announce on Weibo that the BlackShark Gamer went out of stock in some seconds.

the first black shark gaming mobile phone have been sold out, and the popularity is much higher than expected. getting players the black shark phone as soon as possible is our most important goal now. please give us more time, then we will do our best to replenish the supply. thank you for players’s support. i did not expect it would sell out so quickly. at 10 tomorrow  it will again go on sale.

Among customers there were plenty of retailers who at once put out in their own webshops or on their shelves with as much as 1000 CNY profit, which is about 159 USD. We are curious for how much the more popular shops will sell it and if it is available in Hungary what price the price tag will show……

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