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At exactly 8 Hungarian time (25. 04. 2018) the Xiaomi Mi 6X presentation event started in China, in the town of Wuhan. Its popularity was similar to the launch of the top Mi device as it was also advertised by the Chinese celebrity, Kris Wu.


The event was introduced by the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun but the presentation of Mi 6X was made by the co-founder, Lin Bin.

At the beginning Lin Bin demonstrated the design of Mi 6X comparing it to the phones of competitors, as usual. It is thinner and better shaped than before, the curved edges are more sophisticated, the antennas are placed perfectly, ultralight fingerprint scanner, full metal body.


It is as much as an ant’s ankle thinner that the phones of big rivals but for them it is a great performance.

Loyal to Mi brand it sports a Type-C USB port which is not only suitable for quick charge and data transmission but it serves as earphone socket as there is no 3,5 jack on the phone :(

The Mi 6X as we have already reported will be available in 5 colours. Black Stone, Cherry Powder, Glacier Blue, Sand Gold and Red Flame.

Designing the Xiaomi Mi 6X, the engineers concentrated on cameras, the dual rear camera combination is made up of Sony IMX376 20MP and Sony IMX486 12MP. The front camera or selfie camera is a 20MP one which is using the Sony IMX376 sensor so taking of photo from anywhere it it sure to be of excellent quality.


Every image sensor is helped by AI in taking an image. At the moment the best image processing is done by the new Xaiomi cameras because they identify edges, objects and backgrounds more precisely no to mention people in the photos. AI is able to identify the content of an image and uses the best possible vision. For perfect blurry backgrounds it is vital to have alonside with the rear 20 MP camera another one, a more special one. True, it is ‘only’ 12 MP but f/1.75 aperture and 1.25 μm pixels to achieve greater performance. The front and rear high megapixel sensors’ pixel-sizes are a bit higher,  2 μm so in this way  1P uses more light and create an incredible image of the given object even in low-light.

Comparing it to rival devices, Mi 6X wins by several lengths in image quality. But do not go far to the other way, the Xiaomi can create better images with the help of AI compared to the simple cameras of the phones by the other manufacturers. This year, all the other manufacturers will probably come out with this technology so this advantage will come to an end. Most devices will be able to create images in this way. For as much as double price ……:)

Besides image quality as I mentioned it above, the AI is able to recognise items such as objects, seasons, light conditions, plants, people, food and 206 different types of scenes.

One of the highlighted features of the AI is the food recognition which has been the subject of a little controversy recent days. Do not think it too far, it is not about identifying the content of the food  but the food itself and its nutritive value from a database. If you do not bake/cook from common ingredients, then this mode is not important for you, do not chew upon it!

We can also give 5 stars to the phone from face and people recognition, comparing it to the rival again, it is no doubt which the better choice is.

You may well ask if these photos were really taken by those phone or manipulated to reach better results with their own brand? Yes, they were really taken by the designated devices namely in a tricky way:

In a big ugly plastic frame three BT exposure buttons were put together to take photos simultanously. :)

Photoshooting has been discussed several times as it is the essence of Mi 6X, the other features have not much been talked about. It is nothing new Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, 4 and 6GB RAM, the choice of 64 and 128GB internal storage. It sports neither NFC  nor B20.

The battery capacity leaves much to be desired, the disadvantage of the thin cover is alongside with the lack of hardware components such as (NFC, Jack, etc.) the thin battery resulting in low performance. The Xiaomi Mi 6X contains only  a 3.010 mAh battery but with QC 3.0 it can be very quickly recharged.

At the end of the presentation come as usual the incredible Xiaomi prices! Yes, incredible! In China…

  • Xiaomi Mi 6X 4/64 – 1,599 Juan ~ 64,970 HUF
  • Xiaomi Mi 6X 6/64 – 1,799 Juan ~ 73,100 HUF
  • Xiaomi Mi 6X 6/128 – 1,999 Juan ~ 81,230 HUF

The phone will be available in China in two days’ time from 10 o’clock on 27 April 2018. They wasted no time that’s why the pictures were released and the phones are already in the shops.

For an upper middle category phone featured with the best possible camera now you only have to pay such little money, it is really incredible. But why do almost all Xiaomi devices cost such low prices? It was explained by Lei Jun who took the word back from Bin Lin and he talked long about the development of the company and its past, present and future. He made it clear what their secret is that made them reach their success, from a small group dealing with Android things to the fourth biggest manufacturer.

The secret is their pricing. We have already known that Xiaomi does not make so much profit, they rather follow the principle of ‘many a little makes a mickle’ and it has paid off.

“on 23 april 2018 the board of directors of xiaomi made a decision that xiaomi’s net profit cannot exceed 5%. If it does, they will give the excess back to the users.”

Therefore they go on selling the devices with the least possible price margin which will be more advantageous in countries where customers are more sensitive to prices and they would rather choose the Xiaomi brand. Since they either offer the same quality for a much more favourable price or for the same price they offer a lot better product than competitors. Not to mention the Xiaomi feeling that is we often see fans of other brands with a piercing look. :) Don’t we? But we do not understand what they like in a more expensive and less efficient product. :)

That is the end of the presentation, the CEO said goodbye to the audience, we will meet soon on Mi7’s release! (Or the Mi A2’s or the Redmi S2’s, or…)

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