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The Consequences Of Cost Reduction, Complaints About Pocophone F1

Xiaomi’s sub-brand, the POCOPHONE has roughed up the market the wrong way. Not with its price as with 95-115 thousand forint and with its features, it is quite a powerful mid-range category. The ad doesn’t show a top category, either since it emphasizes only the speed of the system with which there is no problem (we will soon come back with the article).

We compare it to the Xiaomi flagship phone, Mi 8 several times. Its design is eerily like that and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is the only thing that the two things have in common. And yes, the notch, but they differ in all other things which causes the price difference that determines the audience. It wasn’t originally intended for India but Mix 2 has been on top there and now it is Poco F1. It has also attracted particular interest with its price and features in Hungary as well. Well, why is it cheaper? Plastic back cover, mid-category camera, LCD display etc… These all together amount to 20-30 thousand forints difference.

Ignoring software problems such as some games didn’t even start, videos with 16:9 aspect ratio hanging out (zoom doesn’t help), with turning off the notch they couldn’t find the upper frame, support for ‘OK GOOGLE’ hotword detection doesn’t work, the lack of 60FPS 4K, etc… Hardware problems are getting more and more awkward, as for example in case of the picture above you can see undesirable light in the black background, some blur at the sides of the screen. Software problems must be fixed, it is only up to programmers. All the others will hopefully fine-tuned throug the software or we accept Z category display in order to keep its price low.

All that glitters is not gold….

- Hirdetés -
Szabó Kornél
Szabó Kornél
2013 óta foglalkozok a Xiaomi termékeivel, először a MIUI rendszerrel ismerkedtem meg és teremtettem meg a rajongói bázist, a MIUI fórumon. 2017 óta írom a cikkeket a Hello Xiaomi hírportálra, ami mára, az ország legnagyobb Xiaomi márkával foglalkozó oldala lett.
- Hirdetés -

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