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It was announced on the Chinese Forum a couple hours ago and its English translation also appeared on the Global Forum that MIUI 9 Beta ROM updates would be suspended.

Dear MIUIers,

Since the first version of MIUI was released on 16 August 2010, our developers have been constantly improving the performance of MIUI to provide a better experience for users.

As Nike says: Never stop running, we never stop providing the best experience to all Mi Fans. To achieve better system stability, MIUI will release the last Development /Alpha ROM 8.4.26 on 27 April 2018.

In the meantime, in consideration of stability and user experience, some devices will not support MIUI 10 update. However, we have provided an update method to help Mi Fans to upgrade to MIUI 9.6 China Stable ROM which is expected to be released in June. You can choose to remain on the last MIUI 9 China Developer ROM or make a reservation to upgrade to MIUI 9.6 China Stable ROM.

For Beta team members, to make a reservation of MIUI 9.6 China Stable ROM you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Root will be automatically closed after you upgrade from Beta ROM to Stable ROM. If your apps need to operate under a root environment, please think twice before upgrading to Stable ROM.
  2. Compared to Beta ROM, Stable ROM provides a better system stability and MIUI 9 unique features like the Smart Assistant.
  3. Please back up your important data before upgrading to Stable ROM.
  4. This time auto update will be disabled. You may go to Settings>My device>MIUI version to check for update.

You can find the details how to upgrade to MIUI 9.6 China Stable ROM: http://en.miui.com/thread-2391768-1-1.html

Devices that do not support MIUI 10
Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3 MTK, Redmi 3 and Mi Pad 2 (You can remain on the last China Beta ROM or make a reservation to upgrade to MIUI 9.6 China Stable ROM.)

How to make a reservation of MIUI 9.6 China Stable ROM?
You may go to Settings > My device > MIUI version > Tap the dot on the right corner > Download update > Apply for stable ROM, please click here for further information.

During the suspension period the incremental beta update might be released for the following devices:
Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX and Redmi Note 5


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Well, in the meantime I read through the announcement on the Chinese Forum where they reported with more details what they actually wanted. The MIUI9 China Beta ROM will be suspended  from Friday until MIUI10 but they release the last China MIUI 9.6 Stable ROM for all devices in June-July. During this time the Beta update will be only available for Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX and Redmi Note 5 if the present system does not work properly if it does then they do not get it only the Stable update. Those who choose to remain the Stable version, can expect that in the same way as last year by the conversion MIUI 8-9 months will pass without update and some models may get the first MIUI10 Stable update only in winter. Now it is only about the China version but the Global version will also be suspended soon. MIUI10 is coming! Everybody has to understand that they either tinker about weekly Beta ROM or MIUI will be correctly developed that’s why there remains only the Stable version.

The above mentioned devices such as Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3 MTK, Redmi 3 and Mi Pad 2, will never again get an update, only the last China MIUI 9.6 Stable ROM.

But do we have anything to do with it? Only one thing that the most unique/custom ROM such as Multi and MIUIHU are made of this. Therefore, we also have to catch our own fans’ attention that these weekly updates will stop!

As for Global ROMs, we can take if for granted that their fate will be the same. The weekly update will stop and perhaps they also say goodbye to some phones. For further information, please follow us, as soon as we get to know ‘new’ news, we will come back with the details!

I ask all Hungarian MIUI and Xiaomi fans to share this article as many times as they can to reach everybody and that we should not explain every week of the following months what happened!

Thank you very much!



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