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We have already written about the Mi Box S and its launch and first consignments will soon arrive in well-known webshops, but it will only arrive in our country later. All is not lost what is delayed! As we have found a good shop offering a good price.

The Mi Box S is actually the global version of Mi Box 4. Concerning its inner features, it has not changed 2GB memory and 8 GB internal storage which is not too much unless we put everything on an external hard drive. Since it can only be extended if we format a pendrive or an external hard drive. In this way we can use it for storing our media contents as in case of our phone. However, the remote control has the button of Google Assistant instead of the common Xiao AI and there is also a Netflix and Live button extra.

No change in terms of socket, a 3.5 Jack, HDMI, USB and power interface can be found at the back of the box. USB is shareable with a power supplied junction box so as we could use a mouse, keyboard, Pendrive or HDD at the same time. Due to 5G Wi-Fi streams of bigger formats will not buffer, either. Not least, thanks to the global version, Patchwall can do the Hungarian language or at least the English….

We will test all these things if we get it at last. We have already pre-ordered from Gearvita and we got a bit of a discount in coupon form. Its original price is 69.99$ which is better than the price that some popular rivals offer and we could not have left it out with 11$ discount!

You can flash your pre-orders here and when you pay, choose “EU Priority line” shipping method which means that it arrives here within 7-12 days from China. Theoretically……Before you pay, use the following coupon to get the discount: SMIBOX. In this way it costs 68.83$ with shipping that is 19,460 Ft. Hopefully, everybody will get it before Christmas!

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