[RUMOUR] Xiaomi Mi7 Price Leaked Before Its Launch

- Hirdetés -

We have been looking forward to the fascinating Xiaomi Mi 7 smartphone for a long time. We have thought several times that yes, it is time to be launched since MWC until 10 May, but based on infos to date it will only be launched in Q3. Sure? We do not know since there is no official news about it, only rumours.

In a Tweet, we found a so-to-say leaked mi.com Mi7 website where the phone will be available for sale after its release. Of course, the quality of this image is so bad that any kind of manipulation could not be spotted. So take this info with a pinch of salt…. According to the leak, the Mi7 will start at 2,799 Yuan ~ 115.400HUF for 6/64 storage variant while the 6/128 variant will be available in China for 3,299 Yuan ~ 136.000HUF. Do you remember how much the Mix 2S 6/64 cost? The same as the above mentioned Mi7’s. Incredible, not? Xiaomi’s top flagship will cost less than the ‘facelifted’ Mix 2. 🙂

The phone is expected to come with a notched display, under screen fingerprint scanner, 3D facial recognition, wireless charging, full ceramic hood, Snapdragon 845, 20/15MP rear AI camera, 20mp selfie AI camera with flash, etc,…. and all these for lower price than Mix 2S. Let’s go Mi7!

- Hirdetés -