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Xiaomi is currently the market leader in smarthpone sales in India. Most of the turnover, however, is due to budget and mid-range modells. In flagship segment, they are not doing so well, fewer Mi and MIX series are selling. If they want a more expensive device, better-off Indian people choose another brand. Xiaomi has been continuosly changing its sales strategy in India by launching the flagships of the Mi and Mi MIX series. First they released Mi 5, and after an unsuccessful experiment, the same happened to Mi 6, as well. It is also the same with the modells of Mi MIX 2S and Mi MIX 2. While top-category modells are best-selling in China or also in Hungary – sales have not grown even in spite of certain discounts and credit arrangements in India. However, the manufacturer is enthusiastic and will not give it up.

Latest news says that the converted version (Lite) of Mi 8 SE, called Mi 8i may be launched in July.

Information has not been confirmed, only rumours from Indian sellers which have not been justified by the manufacturer yet. “i” versions have always indicated the phones for the market in India. This emphasis means also a prestige for the population in India. (For us, Europeans, it is also a sign not to choose this especially because of MIUI updates).

In rumours an URL is mentioned in which we can see the photo of Mi 8 SE and some of its specifications but under the name of Mi 8i.

Xiaomi is silent

There has been no official word about sales in India since the launch of the Mi 8 trio, however, the launch of a Mi 8 SE version would be a logical step – slightly rebranded. SoC will probably remain the Snapdragon 710, however, concerning its RAM/ROM there will be cutting. It is not impossible, either that it will feature an SD660. Price is only speculation at the moment but it must be cheap (around 266 or 296 $) so as to be successful. It is an excellent value for money if it will really be powered by Snapdragon 710. Along with the phone, Xiaomi will probably launch the Mi Band 3. As Mi Band 2 was also launched as a great variant (named after a local celeb), slightly converted, an NFC-free budget version can be expected.

As soon as we have further information, we will definitely let you know!

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