New Xiaomi Router Comes Our On 18. July 2018 With Jinshan Cloud Support

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We reported about the fourth-generation of Xiaomi routers not long ago (we still owe the test to you), which are available for sale in two variants. Not all good features of the big rival predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3G was used in the new device so fans didn’t really like it. However, this now perhaps…

It was announced yesterday that they will release a new router together with Jinshan Cloud company which will meet the expectations and it will have several new features.

The Mi Router official page on Weibo ask a few questions such as: ‘Need a good card for playing? Is the account stolen? Can’t connect to the air purifier? Is the webpage loading slowly? What happened to your network? On 18 July, Xiaomi and Jinshan Cloud will give you the answer!

Jinshan Cloud is one of the top three cloud providers in public cloud in China. At the same time, it is the most valued independent cloud provider in China. So its co-operation with Xiaomi is not surprising. Due to this co-operation, a new Xiaomi Mi Router is expected to come on Wednesday, as the slogan says it will be ‘wiser and faster’. What’s more, the upcoming router will allow the user to play games without cards, protect user accounts, load web pages faster and make it easier to connect Xiaomi’s smart home.

Every player knows play stream service, there is more than one in the world, the Chinese provider is not a beginner, either but it is new in the world of Xiaomi. However, the whole thing is not really interesting for us as this service will probably only be available in China. Despite this, we are curious about the router.

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