New Xiaomi Poster With the Letter ‘S’. What Can It Mean?

- Hirdetés -

Today on Weibo (where else), the official Xiaomi site, a poster  with a letter ‘S’ appeared.

Xiaomi and its partners have already launched an incredible amount of products this year and we are still far from the end of the year. There are too many devices set to launch in the nearest future. But nothing certain is known about their exact release dates. However, this ‘S’ can explain many things.

The published poster caused a lot of discussions on the net and everybody has started to guess what the mysterious ‘S’ stands for. Many think that it refers to the already leaked Redmi S2 (but where is Redmi S1? editor), while others assume that it stands for the upcoming successor of Mi Band 2, which will not be Mi Band 3 but Mi Band 2S. The rest are thinking of the recently launched Surge S2, its own processor and the release of Mi 6C.

We have also seen such crazy guesses that the letter ‘S’ stands for seven (7) and it refers to the release of Mi7.

We are eagerly waiting for the next Xiaomi product with real poster as opposed to the hoax 7 poster. It is so stirring, isn’t it?

- Hirdetés -