New Xiaomi Phone Arrives From Tomorrowland On 28 June 2018

- Hirdetés -

This morning a short Xiaomi video appeared on qq video sharing website, in which we could witness quite a strange event.

In a Mi Store, after closure a blue box with Mi logo on its side and top turned up in a way that perfectly fits in a Sci-Fi film. Compared to the size of the device, the box is quite big. It can’t be Mi Pad 4 as it was already launched on Monday and so did Redmi 6 Pro. What can be so big?

– The present of the future

What do they mean by this? A device that we have never seen before? It is true for all new devices, after all, but it can be something that we have never had earlier. New technology? New processor, display? Or whattttttttttttt??? Arrgghhhh

28.6 New Mi device

You shouldn’t be worried, everything turns out on Thursday, but I think everybody knows that the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will arrive. Two days before its launch we could keep it in secret, it is a big surprise to us. Or not, because we knew that it would come but we didn’t know when. Now we know it as well. Fans of big sizes should have well-lined pockets, you will surely want it!!!

You can watch the full video here

- Hirdetés -