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MIUI10 8.9.13, the Latest Developer ROM for Xiaomi Mi3 / Mi4 / Mi4c / Mi4s Phones

It was announced on the official Chinese forum some hours ago that Xiaomi Mi3 / Mi4 / Mi4c / Mi4s got the last developer ROM this week. However, the support for the devices will not stop, only the MIUI10 stable edition will be available for download.

The Mi3 is the oldest phone and it is a supported phone of the Xiaomi until today. It has got exactly 388 updates so far which is clearly unique in the world. There is no other phone manufacturer which would give such a long software support for its devices. Its brother, Mi4 has also reached nice results not to mention the Mi4c variant which attracted many people (among other me) with its simple design and powerful features and spread incredibly fast all over the world.

Before upgrade from Developer ROM to Stable ROM you must keep the following points:

  1. After the upgrade from Developer ROM to Stable ROM, ROOT switches off automatically. If you haven’t opened the ROOT, please ignore this point; if you need ROOT for your favourite app,  please consider if it is needed to be upgraded.

The Stable version is more stable than the Developer version and MIUI 10 natural sound, Portal 2.0 and other functions are also available.

Note: Perhaps some functions will not be included because of performance and other factors but the average use of the system is actually quite similar. 

3. Data will not be deleted after upgrade from Developer ROM to Stable ROM. However, in order to avoid unexpected situations, please back up your important data before the update in Xiaomi cloud service or on your computer.

4. If you want to update the system, click on System update (Exactly here: Settings – About phone – MIUI version) – tap the 3-dot button in the top right – choose update package – select the stable version. If there is a newer version you will get a notification or see in system update if there is a new version of Stable.

You can find the detailed description of the Developer version update here:

(Draft translation from the original Chines forum)

Consequently MIUIHU,, MULTIROM and every custom ROM based  on the Chinese Developer ROM will cease to exist. These devices will get the Stable update in November, we have to make do with the novelties of the last 8.9.13 till then.

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Szabó Kornél
Szabó Kornél
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