Mi Pad 4 tests are in the works, it will be launched soon

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We have already written about it in January that despite reducing sales of tablets, Xiaomi is working on the successor of Mi Pad 3 which gets last year’s SD835 processor. After rumours nothing has happened for months until today.

In 2017 sales of tablets have reduced by 6.5% and only 163.5 million pieces were sold. The fall has influenced every Android tablet manufacturer, only Apple could increase its market share (from 42.6 million to 43.8 million). The share of iPad to 27%. According to IDC data, Xiaomi was among the most affected tablet manufacturers. However, the Chinese Apple sold its tablets only on the domestic market where the number of users has reached 405.7 million. According to some statistics this number will increase to 435.5 million this year. The manufacturers that do not succeed on the world market can be successful on the domestic (Chinese) market, as for example Xiaomi, as well.

Today we have got further news saying that Mi Pad 4 is in the works and will soon be available.

In October 2017 Xiaomi  even removed product details of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 from its website. Many fans thought that Xiaomi rested this product line. However, Lei Jun:

“The new generation of Mi pad is under development.”

However, the press wanted to know more but they got no further information. This was the last official information about the product.

There were times when rumours said that developments had been going into  a different direction and the manufacturer would come out with a completely new construction. More than half a year passed and we thought that Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 was deleted from the product line. But today a tech analyst, Pan Jiutang announced:

“The next-generation xiaomi Mi pad is in hot development.”

We have got to know more than earlier form Lei Jun? No. 😀
Rumours, leaks from Pat Jiutang are reported to become reality later. He would not be the first to leak credible information, let’s think of Roland Quandt whose several ‘visions’ have come true. So let us hope that Mi Pad 4 will be presented soon at a similarly favourable price and with an excellent hardware like its predecessors.

At the moment we do not know exact specifications, price or release date. In addition, we can be sceptic if an Android tablet has a reason for the existence on world market in 2018 concerning the rate of progress experienced in the case of full screen devices. And an almost 7″ Mi Max 3 is on the way which can replace similar-size tablets.

Everything depends on the Xiaomi’s marketing team and on good decisions.

I trust that Mi Pad 4 will come out with Snapdragon SoC.

Are you also looking forward to it?

- Hirdetés -