Leaked Xiaomi Mi8 Photos Of Its Poster And Box

- Hirdetés -

Nobody could stand 5 days to reveal the long-desired miracle machine? It is sometimes disappointing that we already know everything in advance about the upcoming devices and we do not have this ‘wow’ feeling at the launch event. Not only the entrance poster but also the phone’s box was taken a photo of by ‘enthusiastic’ Xiaomi employees….

As if they had seen my videos and they managed to hide the dual-rear camera in the house? As if was not showing….:) We cannot make many new things out based on the poster, there will be a notch (Hurray), full display 18:9 aspect ratio, dual rear camera, selfie flash, every kind of GPS, SD845, AI, all kinds of stuff……

GPS is mounted in the front because Mi8 will sport a dual-frequency GPS. This is a new type of GPS receiver which ensures better accuracy than the currently available. This technology was announced at Broadcom conference last year. According to Broadcom, the new receiver operating with GPS and other navigational satellite systems provides 30-cm accuracy instead of the current 5-m accuracy. What’s more, it consumes 50% less power and improves location-based services, applications on mobile phones, tablets and portable devices.

Broadcom’s chip is called BCM47755 and it is promised to appear in devices this year. We do not know exactly if Mi 8 features this but the poster shows that this will be the first phone to be released with the new GPS technology.

And you see! Here is Mi 8’s box! It is black as Mi series in general. Special 8-th anniversary packaging. And what turns out? Nothing from its from, big number 8 means Mi 8-th version. On the side, again Mi8. But the back is more interesting. We tried to blow it up with not much success, but it proves we have have already known about it. Dual-rear 20 MP camera, 16 MP side camera, 20MP selfie camera (3D facial recognition), AI support. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with AI support, especially good accuracy GPS (as we mentioned it above), USB-C plug with 3.5 Jack adapter, dupla SIM, TD-LTE without B20, 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

We will only have to sleep 5 nights until that!!! 😀

- Hirdetés -