Leaked photos and video of Xiaomi Mi Max 3

- Hirdetés -

After so many fakes and hoaxes, at last we have some real information about the long desired giant phone. It has already been announced officially and it may be launched on 9 July.

First we could admire some incredible 3310 quality image of the black phone again. These insiders don’t have a normal phone, do they? But let’s step over it. The full screen and dual-rear camera are the usual things. Well, let’s linger over the full display. It is like an upside down Mi Mix, isn’t it? There is no bezel at the bottom and on the sides, at the top there is only a little slot for camera, sensors and speakers. Nothing new at its back, dual-rear camera, fingerprint scanner, …..

It is not that large! Or the man’s hand is so big like a shovel  🙂 With such slim bezels the 6.9″ screen display doesn’t seem so large, especially with an aspect ratio of 18:9.

The same in gold colour with white front panel. Ideal for women if they like big things 🙂 No more jokes, really. What else turns out from the images? We already know the display size, and the bottom bezel is not so slim now. What? Dual-rear camera has 12 and 5MP, I think the front one will have 5 MP. Huge battery, 5.500mAh gives enough power for 2-3 days but not for gamers! By the way, performance. It hasn’t turned out yet what kind of processor it will be powered by, although, it will probably be Snapdragon 636, or we can also hope that it will be powered by the new SD710.

- Hirdetés -