Is the Xiaomi Mi8 Really Expected to Come Out at End of May

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We have already got used to the fact that before the launch of a new smartphone, more and more realistic leaks and “leaked images” come to light which make the Internet “blow up”. Fans and also the world press are eagerly looking forward to almost all Xiaomi smartphones. There is a lot at stake, especially if the next Xiaomi modell is called Mi7. Or not?

This year Xiaomi has given the story another twist when launching each Xiaomi phone. They started with the release of Mi MIX 2s which nobody had ever thought of until the last weeks. (Then came Mi 6X, Redmi S2 which also appeared on the scene unexpectedly). The manufacturer had no other chance than to react to this year’s trend quickly that is to the rear dual vertical camera with an amazing SoC. They did not put Qi Charge support off so the users of Mi MIX 2s were the first who could enjoy the advantages of wireless charging.

While the absolute king of the MIX series is Mix 2s this year, the current flagship of the Mi series has kept us waiting until now. Although it was originally meant to the last year’s  winner Snapdragon 845 but in the end it has been overtaken by almost all the well-known manufacturers (say for example the Oneplus 6 launched yesterday). There have not been many changes in specs so far (OLED, SD845, 8/256GB, Qi, 3D face recognition, notch). What is new is the name.

Nobody has thought of this option, haven’t they?

Since the manufacturer booming with sales celebrated its 8th birthday this April. For this occasion, they thought (probably during an ecstatic dinner) they should make this year’s Mi flagship more memorable than Mi 6 last year. How? Since many manufacturers use OLED display alongside notch, plenty of modells run on SD845 and Chinese rivals used facial recognition earlier. As the Apple also did it last year (although it was the 10th anniversary) or Samsung after the memorable battery problem of Note 7, now Xiaomi follows the good example. To make it even more unforgettable, the presentation was moved from Beijing to Shenzhen.

Lei Jun himself confirmed that the last day of May will go down in history, that is certain.

Mi Band 3 is expected to come out and at last Surge S2 SoC may debut in a so far unknown device (probably Mi 6c or Mi 7c)….

…and Mi 7 may arrive and its souped up big brother, Mi 8 as  th Anniversary Mi Phone.

We already have an image of its packaging box as well. It is nice, it will definitely look good among the other beige- and white-coloured Xiaomi packaging boxes on my shelf 😀

It is not yet known for sure how the two modells are different or if there will be 2 modells at all (Mi7 and Mi8 as well). No doubt that more official details will be published in the next two weeks and we will not count on assumed speculations.

Let’s get used to the idea that a notch-Xiaomi Mi7/Mi8 will arrive, probably in two weeks’ time and we also have an image of its front cover.

How believable are the two images? If you ask me, the box is about a 2-minute Photoshop work and on glass you can write anything that you want with an OHP marker.

I will wait until the CEO’s official Weibo message comes out or the Mi official tweet.

We can start a bet now how many more “alleged” images will appear in the next 13 days or what fake news will be published as facts in certain media. 🙂

- Hirdetés -