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Hello World – Here Is the Liquid Proof Child and Adult T-Shirt (100% cotton)

08.05.2018- A new clothing product was unveiled on the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi. The magical features of Hello World’s T-shirts are that they were made with moisture wicking material so no more soft drink or food stains. T-shirts are available in child and adult sizes as well.

It is made of 100% cotton and used nanotechnology (you may think that it is impregnated but it is not) and it is also antibacterial. The material is breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. It is easy to wash and need no special treatment.

It is inevitable that small children mess their clothes in no time, they only take care of it when they are older. Coloured chalks, water-colour, tempera, orange juice for breakfast, cocoa, fruit soup, vegetable dishes… nothing can harm this T-shirt, nothing that our traditional clothes are exposed to.

Anti-algae, antibacterial, nano structure fabric with a special weaving technology (cotton is imported from the USA) which make it incredibly resistant and at the same time it is as comfortable to use as a traditional T-shirt.

Athough it is perhaps not the most fashionable piece of clothing, it can be useful in an unsuccessful date (if the girl pours a glass of drink on you, at least your T-shirt remains dry 😀 )
It has AAA certification that is it has antibacterial, hydrophobic features. It does not ensure optimal conditions for bacteria growing in moist areas so they are not able to grow and infect. It also blocks several other harmful diseases and inhibits unpleasant smells.

It resists soups and oils. Dirt does not adhere to fibres so it is easily removable. Moisture runs off the surface in drops. It is crease-resistant and it gets easily dry.

As I mentioned it above, the T-shirt is skin-friendly, breathable and our body does not sweat through. As opposed to cheaper, non-practical technology, Hello World T-shirts have this hydrophobic feature because of the changed structure of fibers, no coating, our body does not heat up and it does not even irritate sensitive skin, either.

Several kits are available. It is available for children with cherry or pineapple design and for adults with cherry or Hello World design.

It is only present in white colour. Child sizes are from 80-150 cm while adult sizes are from 165-185 cm so tall people able to play basketball will be left out again, so am I 🙁

As for the prices:

Child sizes can only be ordered containing two units for about 5,800HUF (2,900 each) while adult size is available also as per unit for 4,200HUF. It will soon be on sale in webshops within weeks with a profit margin of 30% on average. It is not cheap but if you think it over what a magic product you get for this price there can be no doubt of getting a test product. If somebody finds one and orders one, please write about their experience.

I wish you a stain-less use of the product! 🙂


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