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Google is continuously trying to suppress its attacks against its Android system so it wants to make ill-wishers’ lives more difficult as for example with Google Play protect and continuous recovery attempts to fill in the gaps from time to time.

With Android Oreo 8.0 it created a new security feature to protect data. This is called Google Anti Rollback protection which means that it is impossible to downgrade to an earlier version, as these include such back gates or security gaps which have already been recovered in the new version so as to enhance the protection of user’s data. Or right on the contrary his stroke….

An average user will never have a problem with it since downgrading to an earlier version isn’t easy and service centres will not do it, either as EDL mode isn’t working in this case. In fact you can install the previous ROM but you can also forget about your phone as it will be bricked and you can put it on the shelf.

But here comes the twist! It is also true for Xiaomi phones, the biggest BRICK factory has just opened its doors as not everybody liked the Redmi Note MIUI 10 Android 8.1 update and they wanted to get back the well-operating MIUI 9. Then came the damp down! No recovery, no fastboot, no EDL, nothing! The Android system protected intentionally each phone which the users wanted to downgrade to the earlier version and now quite a lot out of the 5 million sold phones are in Xiaomi official services.

The solution can only be found in Xiaomi official services, don’t believe in your pal butching things up that he will do it!

Xiaomi’s official announcement concerning the case:

Dear MIUIers,

To maintain system stability and ensure the security of the device, Xiaomi has introduced a mechanism of anti-rollback. If you have updated to MIUI 10 Beta ROM released after July 6th, please don’t try to downgrade your ROM to previous Stable ROM and Beta ROM. Otherwised, your device will be bricked, which may also affect your device stability. If your device has been BRICKED, please go to the nearest Mi service centre for help.

Global Beta ROM

  1. If you have updated to MIUI 10 Beta ROM 8.7.6 or above, you can flash all ROMs after MIUI 8.7.6 (including 8.7.6), but you can not downgrade to Beta ROM 8.7.5 or ROM previously.
  2. If you are on Beta ROM 8.7.5 or ROM previously, you can flash your device using all those previous ROMs.

Global Stable ROM

  1. If you are on Stable ROM V 9.5.19 (it will be released soon) or ROM above, you can flash all Stable ROMs after V 9.5.19 (including V 9.5.19), but you can not flash your device to Stable ROM V 9.5.17 or ROM previously.
  2. If you are on Stable ROM 9.5.17 or ROM previously, you can flash your device using all those ROMs.

If you want to test ROM prior to 8.7.6, you can remain on the previous ROM, which will not affect your using of the device.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


We have only heard of Redmi Note 5/Pro phones but the same fare has in store for the others. You can check ARB with PC in this way:

  • Download ADB drivers on your PC
  • Open bootloader
  • Reboot your phone in fastboot mode
  • Run fastboot command: code: fastboot getvar anti
  • 4 means that your device has ARB
  • If it returns to a number smaller than 4, it means that your device has no ARB

Well, be careful! Keep yourselves to the words of Aaron Eckhart in his film World Invasion – Battle: Los Angeles: Back? No way!

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