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Xiaomi’s social networking site revealed 3 household devices in February 2018. Besides a Convector Heater and a Car Power Inverter, SmartMi Water Humidifier, was the most interesting device.

You can read Szilveszter’s another test:
SmartMi water humidifier has arrived. Many of you think „no… I don’t need one”, however, it is practical to maintain air humidity between 55-60%. I also thought that I don’t need one but continuous dried out mucous membranes, dry skin, dry eyes mean that the air in our house or flat is too dry. Of course we also contribute to this by using airconditioning too much which dries the air in our flat, as well…There was no other solution but to get a humidifier like this. Why is it useful? The colder the air is, the less water it includes. That’s why the flat which is aired a lot in winter will also be dry although we would think it the other way round. Hanging out the clothes to dry in the flat or putting a pan of water on the radiator can also help. But the first solution is not too much use and the second can also involve a risk of accidents especially if there is also a small child in the flat. In summer neither solutions can be used as we hang out the clothes to dry outside and water doesn’t really evaporate on a cold radiator. Of course flying dust can also be captured more effeciently by humid air but it is more difficult for viruses to get into our body if we maintain air humidity at a required level. I also use an Air Purifier, this device reduces dust noticeably. Everything for the health of the family!!!! First, it is worth buying an air humidity meter, these devices cost not much………

I have been thinking a lot and have had a look at similar products in Hungary and abroad, too. I aimed at the price category of 40-50,000 HUF but of course for health we are ready to pay more if it is needed! I could easily decide to buy it when SmartMi Humidifier was available for sale that this product will be the perfect one for me. It can be integrated in the sysetem, it doesn’t get scaly, it needs actually no care, only water.

Let’s get it unpacked….

DPD brought the product again in a little tortured but sound state. Packaging is the common recycled one but I would have expected a white, more elegant packaging. No problem it is not important what is outside the only thing that matters is what is inside. After unpacking, the first thing is the user’s manual which I thought I should read over because it is my regular routine. It is a shame there is only a Chinese description but pictograms help how to put the stuff together. Not as if it was so difficult that I should get a degree at University of Technology quickly. Each part was packed individually so as it wouldn’t damage during transportation and part wouldn’t scratch each other all over. Actually it comes in 3 pieces and under the usual 4-km long adhesive tape there is an EU converter. The water tank has a capacity of up to 4 liters of water, a plastic beecell looking evaporation roller incorporating 36 vanes, this will rotate water and prepare humidification and an operation unit including the engine and smart electronics. Its design leaves nothing to be desired, perfect Xiaomi feeling. Nothing is too loose, no no rattling sound, everything fits perfectly. Buttons work smoothly such as touchscreen, no agression. A real masterpiece, exactly what expected! After unpacking, we can start testing it…….

Let’s switch it on…

Assembling is very easy as I mentioned it above. We start with the water tank, then comes the lid and the base. At the botton of this, there is a plug which fits perfectly in the socket. If it isn’t assembled correctly, our machine won’t work. If we have a closer look at it, we can see a smart sensor at the back which measures temperature and humidity. Our only task is to find a Chinese wall socket or we can also use the EU adapter. We filled it up with the necessary amount of tap water. We found the MAX sign for sure. It has 4l capacity. Everything is ready for humidification. Plugging it in 230V socket, we are waiting for the wonder to happen. When you turn it on, a beep signs that it is ready to start, humidification starts. It can operate in “manual” mode (not a smart device). Humidification start in auto mode but we can change it with pushing the button on the right.  It can operate at 3 different level modes, we remained in auto mode. The wheel starts rolling slowly and evaporates dripping water. With the button on the left we can easily turn off “display” lights, at night a LED can be disturbing and we can also turn on WIFI with it. This function was not successful…. In manual mode we cannot set many things, it operates silently. As our stuff is SMART, it can be integrated into MiHome smart home system.


Having turned on MiHome, you can see the interface for Humidifier.


You must install it in the common way. Wifi connection, next>next>next. It is worth knowing that BLE serves as a Gateway as well.  As soon as it is recognised, it will get among other smart things. If you click on it, you will get a nice screen, 3 buttons and certain data. It will show room temperature, humidity and the quantity of water. With the help of buttons it can be used remotely but it is the basic function of a smart home device. The 3 virtual buttons are not too difficult, on/off mode, speed and timing function. I think the last one is the least useful… In the menu there are some important things. LED lights on/off button, silent mode, Parental Control. In this mode, the humidifier can be operated via App, no manual mode. In case of small children, it can be really useful. In the end, there is a button, which is difficult to identify but I think this is the dried function, that is it operates max 8 hours. In the menu at the top we can find interesting things such as BLE gateway function and if there is a stuff with Bluetooth nearby. In our house it recognised LCD displays at once. Automatisation is also possible by using a switch or a sensor. It can be set to be started with LCD temperature and humidity meter. This makes sense as it doesn’t turn off in manual mode and in automatic mode it humidifies as long as for 8 hours continuously if we use DRIED function. General settings are the same as we got used to, we can download updates here and we can get the usual network information. Updates have come immediately but no change has been noticed. Unfortunately, some part of the menu is still in Chinese.

Last words…

Our humidifier is operating perfectly, in automatic mode it uses up all the water for 8-10 hours increasing the humidity level of our flat to 58-60%. We can see well in the chart that humidity increased incredibly quickly during the night as it worked and I could sleep really well that night. Without the machine our flat’s humidity will fall to 44% at once.

I think those who have problems should definitely purchase a humidifier device, not only because it looks good next to the purifier but also because dry air can have harmfull effects on all members of the family. Especially on babies and small children! We wouldn’t say that it is a cheap product but as I mentioned it at the beginning, health is the most important and we spare no expense for that! It costs about 45,000 HUF, I know there are cheaper and more expensive ones with the same efficiency. I liked this one, because it is suitable for my flat!

You can buy the product at the following link: https://goo.gl/E7Q4Wx
We thank the test device for GearBest!

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