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It's been a day since we announced the formation of Xiaomi Spain, but already the dark clouds are gathering around Xiaomi. A Spanish company, Zetta Smartphone, thought they would sell Xiaomi phones under their own name. It's not the first time...

They simply took the Redmi phones and rebadged everything that could point to Xiaomi.

They simply took themselves to Aliexpress, Bangood, Gearbest and wherever they could get it cheapest, shopped around and had the box, the phone re-stamped with their logo and description. They put in untrue things like JBL, Gorilla Glass and the like. But not just Xiaomi phones, they did the same thing with Doogee phones. And at a jaw-dropping double the price of the original device.

The phones have been upgraded with modified Xiaomi.eu and Cyanogenmod/LineageOS roms to make them appear to be running their own solution, which they are not released with.

The guys were so creative that they didn't even try too hard to choose a logo, a silver bitten acorn was probably the best choice. DEMIÉRT?

The exposure of the whole scam was initiated by one of the biggest Spanish forums, forocoches.com, for which Spanish users are very grateful. Since then, all the company's digital channels have been deleted and legal action has been taken against them.

You can read more about the scam in Spanish here, Uncle Gugli is just helping to translate:

https://elchapuzasinformatico.com/2016/10/zetta-la-fraudulenta-marca-smartphones-demuestra-la-picaresca-espanola/ http://andro4all.com/2016/10/estafa-zetta-smartphones 


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