XiaoYi - Outdoor smart IP security camera

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Xiaomi's camera partner Yi has unveiled another security camera, this time for outdoor use.

The Xiaoyi Smart IP camera outdoor version (IP65 rated) waterproof, specifically designed for harsh outdoor weather conditions. It captures sharp 1080p (FullHD) resolution footage. The 110-degree wide-angle lens provides sharp, high-resolution images of the area under observation. It is also ideal for monitoring front gardens, yards, garages and warehouses.

1080p video is recorded at 20fps using H.264 decoding. The electronics are also equipped with automatic white balance adjustment. It adapts well to the colour of different light sources and changes in lighting conditions.

Night vision is supported, aided by 12 infrared LED bulbs.As soon as it gets dark, the recording automatically switches to night mode.

Its knowledge has also been enhanced with an alarm reminder function. If it detects an intrusion, the alarm will go off and the loudspeaker will sound an audible alarm. This can even catch a burglar.

For outdoor surveillance, great care must be taken with data protection, and more storage space must be provided for recording. It has several common storage modes, with a Loop Record mode for up to 30 days. Recordings can also be saved to Xiaoyi's own cloud storage with no limit. The built-in card slot accepts SD cards from 8GB to 32GB, which can be recorded to at any given time. It also supports Xiaomi WiFi router with SSD. You can then wirelessly save the recording to your own NAS.

Unlike traditional outdoor surveillance devices, Xiaoyi's outdoor version of the IP camera is simple but exceptionally designed. Installation is simple, with no complicated mounting and setup wall tasks. Supplied with a 3 meter power cable to power the device. Price currently $44-50.



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