XiaomiToday also took apart the Xiaomi Mi6

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It's only been a few days since the first units were shipped, but more and more people are already peeking inside Xiaomi's flagship phone this year, the Xiaomi Mi6. This isn't the last disassembly video, but it's not the first either, as we've posted one before, it wasn't a full one, but now we can see it in pieces.

The video is in Chinese, so we can only rely on the visuals (for those who don't speak Chinese), but it shows very impressively how easy it is to disassemble the Mi6. Thanks to the manufacturer for putting together such a great piece and to the designers who made it easy to repair.

Easy to follow, as you can see in the video: remove the back cover with a suction cup, remove the NFC module first, then the motherboard (which houses the Snapdragon 835, RAM, storage and other vital hardware). The camera modules can be removed one by one, both the dual camera on the back and the front selfie camera, along with the speaker.

We hope these are very useful videos for those who are curious about how easy it is to take apart such an expensive phone, not to mention for domestic repairers.

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