Xiaomi presents its own branded mini thermos

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Xiaomi has launched a brand new product in China, but it's not a new smartphone, and it's not a new smartwatch. Xiaomi has unveiled a standard 500 ml own-brand mini thermos.

From a technological point of view, the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask is an everyday device, so it's not smart, it's not a bargain.

In addition, it is not a self-heating electric thermos, only a conventional one, so it cannot keep the coffee.

So why spend around $17 on this thermos? Well, in terms of durability, the thermos has some advantages.

The Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask is made of high quality 316 stainless steel on the inside and 304 stainless steel on the outside.

The Xiaomi both stainless steel materials were chosen because the materials are chemically inert and have water-repellent properties, which allows for easier cleaning of the thermos flask. In addition, both stainless steel materials are carefully finished. Not only does it contribute to the overall ergonomic design, but it also prevents liquid leakage.

The specifications of the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask also claim that the product can keep hot liquids warm at 40 degrees Celsius or higher for 6 hours and cold liquids cool at 18 degrees Celsius and below for 6 hours.

From a design perspective, the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask has a matte grey and white finish with a minimalist grey "XIAOMI" logo on the front. Xiaomi also includes a thermos carrying case with the mini thermos. The front side of the case is printed with the Chinese slogan "I am Xiaomi Fan", which is in celebration of the 2022 Mi Fan Festival.

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