Xiaomi unveils the $60 Sherlock M1 Smart Lock

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Xiaomi announced its 125th product this year, a security device. The product is community-funded under the MiJia platform. The product is called Sherlock M1 Smart Lock.  The smart lock has a price tag of 399 yuan (~$60).

The Sherlock M1 Smart Lock smart module can be connected to the main lock and controlled via an app. All you need to do is install the M1 smart lock on the existing one, leaving the key. We can control it via the Home app. No changes to the anti-theft lock are required. Once you have installed the module on the lock, you can then use the app to control the lock, and it will not prevent you from manually opening the door from the outside using a physical key. But there is an anti-lock mode where the door can only be opened using the app

The module allows the homeowner to create different virtual keys that can then be shared with different members of the house. Virtual keys can be provided with an expiry date, which can be cancelled by the main owner at any time. The built-in home also has a unique security chip (MJSC) and each chip has a unique private key and certificate. The security chip provides two-way encrypted communication between the application and the module only.

The Sherlock MI Smart Lock also has a number of small, user-friendly features, such as a touch-sensitive slide switch. It also features a thoughtful child lock design to prevent accidental unlocking. The lock is powered by a high-capacity Li-Ion battery that can run for half a year on a single charge.

The tool is already available on the usual platforms.

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