Xiaomi launches Viomi smart water heater for 499 yuan ($ 76)

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Xiaomi has launched a new product under the MIJIA crowdfunding platform. This is the 113th product launched after the creation of the MIJIA platform and is the product of Viomi, one of Xiaomi's long term partners. The product is the Viomi Smart Water Heater, which is a 4L hot water dispenser, priced at 499 yuan ($76).

The smart water heater can deliver water in three temperature ranges: room temperature, 50°C and 100°C. You can also control the smart home gadget via your smartphone and set it to the desired temperature at the touch of a button. The app allows the user to be notified at any time about the water quality and reminds him to clean the pipes when the water quality is different from usual.

The Voimi water dispenser also has a water level sensor that sends reminders to the connected smartphone when the water level drops and even stops heating when the water level is low. It also comes with a temperature sensor to ensure the temperature does not exceed the maximum level. The body has a quality design with a child-friendly lid, which makes it difficult for the child to open the lid and thus avoid accidents with hot water.

The Xiaomi Voimi Smart water dispenser is the available with the support of a crowdfunding platform for 499 Yuan (72$).

Nice, clean design.

Low water level sensor, notifies you when there is little water in the tank and does not start another heating.

4 litre water tank - Child lock - Precise temperature setting on the appliance and in the application

The three functions allow you to fully customise the temperature you want. The first is plain water, the second is the temperature set by the application, and the third is turbo.

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