Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus comparison

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I'm sure many of you are wondering which new series of Redmi devices to replace your older Redmi when the time comes. The Redmi series and already this year's Mi phones will come with a full screen, so don't stop there, don't wait for the roast pigeon, it's not this year that Xiaomi will have a small physical button phone. But what you can choose from now are the Redmi 5 and Plus variants, the Global and Chinese ones.

With the video above, we want to make it a little easier to decide which one to choose. There's not a huge difference between the two phones, so it's going to be difficult. We hope it will be useful for many and make things easier.

Have fun!

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  1. Plus global. I've been using it for a week. It's perfectly fine. Well assembled. Fast enough for me. It lasts for two days. Podcasts youtube music social media even a few games. I'd have 3 if I didn't push it so much. It's got Hungarian if you need it. One problem I have with it so far is that the camera sticks out of the back plane. Yeah, I knew that, but I figured it wouldn't bother me. Well, it did.

    • Dear Ákos! Xiaomi follows the trends. Even though many of us still want a compact size, the vast majority of us still prefer a casserole. The Mi MIX 2 already has a large display, with minimal bezels, which makes its size still acceptable. The Redmi 5A/Y1 are the entry-level models, and they are all bigger. There will definitely not be a smaller size this year. The Mi6, on the other hand, is not much bigger, and is still at the top end of the range. It's worth buying from the remaining stock. /Krisztián/

    • Ákos Mezey I use a Mi 3 with similar capabilities, but with small hands. It's big a lot of the time, but I'll probably get used to its bigger successor. I'm not parting ways with the brand, as the competition doesn't give fair knowledge for cheaper. Not to mention the support. /Krisztián/

    • Mi3, redmi 2 pro, redmi 3, redmi 4 pro, redmi 4X.
      That's it so far in chronological order, but there is unlikely to be a sequel. My 5'5" wife and 5'5" daughter are out of sizes up. And I'm stubborn, and I might get used to it, but where to next? We're about to have an LED TV clamped to our ears. It can't be transported or taken care of. in the summer, where do I put a phone that size when even the one I have now is big?
      I had a quick look around on the gsmarena site and there are still manufacturers who make smaller ones. I'll get used to the new surface before I get used to the size. Here it is.